Map URL parameters to an entity if does not exist
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Traditional Web

Hi, I was wondering how should I go about the following scenario: 

An incoming URL to a create/update screen that has 2 sections:

  1. Info about a certain entity (Project) no input is possible.
  2. Form to add data (Task)

I would like to have the URL check if the Form Data exists (by ID passed in the URL), if it does, show the relevant info and get the associated (by identifier) Project's data.

If it does not exist (NullIdentifier), show a blank form and get the info about the Project from the URL parameters passed in.

Upon saving create both entities if they do not exist.

My question is about the Project entity - What is the best method of mapping the URL data to this entity without manually create numerous variables the will capture the data from the URL, as there can be as many as 100 of those.

Thanks, Adam

Hello Adam,

Good day!

It seems you need to use a table/entity were in you have to generate first a guid together with the project id (you can add as well fields/attributes in lieu of the various variables you've mentioned) and save it there. Then, that guid will going to be a form part of the URL. 

Then in the preparation of the screen, look up the guid to the table/entity you have created.

Hope this helps.

Thank you and kind regards,