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11.10.6 (Build 37198)

Hi Experts,

I have tried to debug my application this error show up I followed all the suggestion on the message and the issue still the same.

Please see screenshot

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Hi Ja,

I had also faced the same issue yesterday when debugging some code and I though that it was due to bad internet connectivity or pressing the F11 key very frequently causing this issue. Is this was the case with you as well??

As a work around I had closed this pop up and restarted the debugging to resolve the issue.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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Hi Sachin,

I also tried this however it always shows this message.

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I wonder if this is actually about your current Chrome installation. OutSystems states that 'The browser and the debug are in constant communication. If the browser gets unresponsive at some point the debug session will be affected.'

Would it be bothersome to tweak some Chrome settings or reinstall Chrome altogether? This thread might give you more insight:


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Hi Ozan,

I also tried to use my free account, it works as expected.

I also tried to create a simple page and click the debug still the same issue occurs.

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That's weird indeed. I would suggest you open a support ticket to OutSystems.

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Hi Ja,

Try to restart your Service Studio and start the debugger again.

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Hi Shweta,

Yes, I already tried it the same issue occurs.

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Oh, then as the Ozan said, raise a support case for this.

1) Here is the step by step documentation link to open a support case:


2) You can also directly mail to: support@outsystems.com (Outsystems Support) for any technical issues.

Hope you will get the solution faster, Thanks :)