How to turn off Outsystems UI Preview


Is it possible to turn off or maybe switch the UI Preview like in Android Studio where you can toggle full Design / XML and Design / full XML. In a screen with a lot of components it takes quite some time to open it in Service Studio and also while editing that screen like for example taking out a child level Container from its parent Container will take not so quick load time to re-render the UI Preview.

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Hi Wenchester,

I would like to know it too. I have been trying this. but I think that it is not possible. It would bring too much problems for Outsystems functionalities and UI screen management. 

best regards

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IDK if the widget tree view is the one you ask ?

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I'm asking about how to hide this one 

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Oh, sorry for my misunderstanding.

Maybe we can put idea to the Outsystems, I also agree it save up time for rendering.