How can I count the number of objects of an entity according to an atributte?

Hi! I need help in the counters subject. I want to show the sum of "slots"(entity), that share the same ArmazemId. How can i do that?


When i try to show how many slots i have, i want to show only the slots of the "armazem" selected, instead of showing 3 (last picture), I want to show 1 because the "Armazem A" only has 1 slot. 

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Hello there Mariana,

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I think you're just missing a filter in your Aggregate:

Slot.ArmazemId = SelectedArmazemId

This will filter your records just for that selected ArmazemId.

After that you just need to do the Count :)

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Rui Barradas

Hello Mariana,

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In addition to Rui, after you've put the appropriate filter, you can use the Count property of the Aggregate/Fetch Data. No need to use any Group by.

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