Empty form shows latest data instead of prompt text

Hi everyone,

In my app I have a form, where you can type in data to create a new task. When clicking on save, the data gets saved in an entity.

When opening a new form, the empty fields should show the text I saved in the field "Prompt"/"Empty Text". Instead of doing so, when opening a new form, the supposed to be empty fields always show the data I saved the last time in this form.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any similar problems in the forum.
Thanks a lot for your help.



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Hi Raphael,

Your screen fetches Task information from the database without filtering it so it shows the information of the first one it finds.

Usually Create / Update screens with Forms, receive a record id and the query filters the record in the database with that id. So if you want to update the details, you pass the given id and you will see the information detail of that task, if you want to create a new record, you pass NullIdentifier().

I added the parameter TaskId and the correspondent filter to your query:


OML in attachment.

Hope it helps.



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Hi Raphael,

Incrementing the João's answer, as you already have a screen just for update, you can resolve the problem adding a local variable of Tasks type in TaskHinzu and passing it to the form fields as source (E.g. instead of GetTaksById.List.Current.Task.TaskName as a source, you will use LocalTask.TaskName ... and so on)

In CreateTasks, in the flow of SaveOnClick, you will use LocalTask as a source either.

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Thanks to both of you for your answers. I could figure it out with your help and now it works.

Have a nice day