How can make activating voting stop when end date < current date
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How can make activating voting stop when end date < current date    

As in the OML  attachment


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HI andrew mahfouz

In addition to Rui's reply, It just prevents you to edit the active property.

But I can see you already add the filter to the voting screen's GetRounds aggregate,

So, the user can't vote for the expired round. 

Kindly Regards

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That's true 

But in screen voting round the status  activaing not change i need change it how can do it 

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Hi Andrew,

You could set the enable property of the switch widget to:

GetRounds.List.Current.VotingRound.EndDate < CurrDate()

Is this what you need?

Best regards,

Kadu Borges

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Hi andrew

Sorry, I don't understand why you stick to this issue. The active and period are two different conditions.

If you just want to show the active in the screen, then you can try kadu's reply.
But it will not change the entity automatically.


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I think I get It.

The problem is that the voting is ended due to EndDate < CurrDate(), but the switch is exhibiting an active status due to the IsActive property, which is still True.

Am I right?

In order to overcome this issue, you could use a workaround.

1 - Enclose the switch widget inside an If.
2 - Set the If condition to

GetRounds.List.Current.VotingRound.EndDate >= CurrDate()

3 - In True, let the original switch as it is now.
4 - In False, put another switch with a local variable set to False and the Enabled property also set to False.

Hope It could help