How to enable Feedback without having ECT_Provider login page exposed
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We have an alpha site that is internet facing, we want to enable feedback but the feedback widget fails to load because the ECT_Provider module is not in the internet facing deployment zone. (therefore the web services required to render the feedback in the app are unavailable)   

We cannot expose the feedback app to that deployment zone because when we do the ECT_Provider application login screen is made visible to any user that accesses the URL.  

Any ideas?

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May I kindly ask if you have done this configuration?

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Or you may have a look on some Outsystems APIs/Forge components discussed in this post.

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Yes the ECT_Provider is configured and works fine as long as that application also resides in our internet facing deployment zone.

the problem is when we move that app to the internal zone.  When that happens I see errors in developer tools indicating that the ECT web service is not available.  We can’t leave the feedback app in the internet zone because the login screen shows the platform and version number, which is a security issue.