A human activity with a popup as  it's destination

A human activity with a popup as  it's destination

In our espace we have an employee screen. Per employee there is an edit link which shows a popup window for editing the employee.
If a new employee is created a new human activity is added based on a missing value in the new employee. By clicking on the human activity I would like to get the same popup window as I get when I click on the edit link. But what I get is a full screen version of the popup.

Is it possible to have a real popup as the destination of an human activity?

Thanks in advanse.
Hi Frank,

the best you can have, is a blank screen (human activity) that calls the popup as requested.

Example: in preparation you call the widget_click action to a link (with style invisible) that calls the popup (tricky one this)

Hello Ricardo,

Thank you for your reply.

I set the destination of the human activity to a blank screen. On the blank screen I added a link with its destination to the popup screen. For testing I left the link visible. In the preparation I added an widget_click action that points to the id of the link.
If I now click on the human activity the new blank screen is opened with the link visable. You'd expect the popup because of the preparation and the widget_click, but nothing happens. If I click the link manually the popup shows, but not with the correct style. It shows up fullscreen, as I mentioned in my initial post.
While debugging from the preparation screen you see it passes the widget_click but the link isn't followed. Strange.

Any ideas on why it doesn't work? Is this perhaps because of the fact the human activity popup still is visible? If so can this be closed first?
Can you add the an espace with that example so i can take a look?


I can send you the espace but not via this forum. If you have an email address for me I will send it to you.

Somehow I got it working. First I removed what I did initially. I then reset the destination of the activity to the main employee screen. A widget_click actions (like suggested by Ricardo) opens the popup screen. And now it works.