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This is driving me crazy

I try to export some list data to pdf as an attachment to an pdf

I get a list in, and will convert this to pdf, and then send this as attachment. 

What is working:

I can send an mail.

I can get the data in a table on a page

I can create a pdf, but not with list data

What is not working:

Convert to pdf from a list

The case is that i send some values from a mobile app through the traditional web, because i want to send the values as a pdf in a mail.

But all the modules i find on the forge, is not allow me to include a list in the input, so it can convert it

Any ideas?

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You can build a specific page with the list and then use the HTMLtoPDF component convert the page to a pdf document.

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Good idea, but the problem is that i want this page to be secured, and if i use HTMLtoPDF the page need to be anonymous, and i don't want users from external to use this page