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I have to create a page that let a customer add multiple action items and finally submit it and it will create a task manager.

Now in between, if he wants to rearrange the items, for ex, his 4th task should be in 2nd and 3rd task should be in 5th. How can i implement that logic?

Is there any inbuild functionality i can use? or i have to resort to a javascript?

My objective is that, when the customer tries to rearrange, he should be able to see the updated tasks at the same time itself.

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Hi Learn It,

How do you envision the rearrangement? With drag & drop?

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Ya i would like it to be a drag and drop.

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Could be a possibility to use this component https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/2254/drag-and-drop-mobile and like that the user can drag and drop, reordering the list?

This component allow, at each change, save the the order.

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Thanks. Let me check that out. 

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I can't understand your question from your post.

Can you provide oml file or some screenshot for more details,

Kind Regards

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is it possible to change the position of the container. That way, i can rearrange each item of the list.?

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Not sure about what it is your question. But inside of the component you have a block called "Drop area". You should use it in your screen to allow the drag and drop. The block has also a event called "OnDropReceive", where you could add a handler, and there managed what you need (Store the order, for example)

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If you don't want a specifi area to drop, if you only want really a sort you can give a look to this 2 components too: