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Hi Community, Newbie to OutSystems Mobile

I am trying to have a list of Items that consist of sub menu where user can input some numbers.

But I am facing some problem as you can see from the examples, the sub menu overlaps. 

How do I make sure the list of Items doesn't overlaps. 

Please advice.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Alvin,

I notice that your widget tree seems substantially different than the default one from OutSystems:

Try to see how the default one is made (creating for instance a new mobile application) and then use the same Menu block. Besides the Submenu widget should be side by side like in my screenshot, they don't need to be each one enclosed in his own container. 

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Hi João 

Thanks for the enlightenment. Putting them side by side works.

But right now when I click on a Submenu the other submenu that is opened will hide. Is there a way to make sure submenus don't auto hide?

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Hi Alvin,

That's a different topic. Please refer to this forum post and to this forum post on how to do this.