Using the Outsystems platform to train pupils in virtual work practice

As a member of the german rail (Deutsche Bahn) virtual work practice from 19th till the 30th of January I would like to collect some ideas and best practices.

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Hi Clint,

What has Virtual work practice to do with OutSystems?

I fail to understand the discussion you start, could you elaborate more?



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Hi Daniel,

Outsystems is the platform we use for our Virtual work practice. 

The german rail uses that platform to build applications for order management and other subjects. That is why we are learning to develop with Outsystems.

I hope that helps.



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Hi Kim,

The best way to start learning OutSystems is to go to www.outsytems.com/learn

For self learning the Guided paths are perfect.

If you already know what application needs to be build, you could use the Training Planner to have a custom generated training path that fist the application that you want to build.

If you have a group of people that you want to train consider to book a classroom for them, probably remote these days).



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Hi Daniel, 

it’s my idea, that I use OutSystems Plattform to train pupils in a virtual practice to learn how to make software with LowCode OutSystems.

the pupils know that, because I‘ve trained a Group1. in the 2. week group1 trained group2 how to use the plattform.

My pupils know, how they start OutSystems and how to learn courses on OutSystems. They are trained  by me.

But, If you read the question of Clint, you  can see, that it was‘nt the question how start with OutSystems. He asked, if any one her has ideas, what they can do or what can we do in 2 weeks to impress young pupils. They are looking for examples of best practice how to inspire young pupils aged 13 to 17 years for IT Jobs.

kind regards


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Hi SaxonTom,

First of all it wasn't that clear to me what the question actually was that Clint posted. 

"As a member of the german rail (Deutsche Bahn) virtual work practice from 19th till the 30th of January I would like to collect some ideas and best practices."

This is a pretty short question that can be interpreted in many ways, compared to the detailed explanation of the that you wrote.

To answer your question, it depends on what they learned from OutSystems from the self learning and teaching you did, and how good they picked up the basic concepts. My experience is that everybody has their own pace in learning OutSystems.

There are 3 application types Traditional, Reactive and Mobile, the application they should build should at least match the training, so if they studied for Mobile app development let them make a mobile application. 

I would also suggest to let the students do pair-programming, so 2 behind one computer, they can switch from time to time who does the coding.

Also the application that they build you should try and build yourself first so to understand it will be doable in 2 weeks time. It should focus the most on how to translate an Idea into an OutSystems application. So let it not be be a complex idea that you want to implement.

To what application to build is difficult for me to answer, you talk about kids from 13 to 17, most likely not really interested in the typical LOB, B2B or B2C applications build with OutSystems.

OutSystems best practices are categories by topic in the following page:



ps. the thread started by Clint, then Kim pitched in, then you, it was a bit confusing.

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Hi Daniël Kuhlmann

please have a look here. Thats our goal and intension:


You can help to spread this idea to reach a new goal.

Help me, to make OutConnect (new brand name) for this idea. In the NL maybe if you have educational programs like in Germany (we name it IHK) and in NL: https://www.dnhk.org

regards Thomas

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Hi Clint, Kim and Saxo Tom,

I'm a developer advocate at OutSystems and we do have some materials that I can share with you. I'm just not sure if they are applicable to your use case.

I would very much like to have a call with you to understand what are you looking for.

Send me an email to rui.barbosa@outsystems.com so I can show you what we have and see if it suits your needs.

Best Regards

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Hi Rui, I had stormy times this week. I saw your mail and I will be back soon!