Looking for developer to help with my project

Looking for developer to help with my project

Hi, I am new to Outsystems and development in general. I do however have a simple application that I need developed for my real estate business. It is a commission calculator that tracks agents and their closed deals, and calculates how much I should pay the agents(it also should calculate residual payments or overrides). Even though I am learning development from the tutorials, I was wondering if people in the community do jobs for others. Please let me know if there are developers in the community who can develop my simple application, maybe even through a service like freelancer.com. I would greatly appreciate a response, I definitely need to get this project done and I would love to have it done in this platform of development. Thanks.
Hi Fadi, and welcome to our Community forums.

Indeed you are right, there are many developers in the community, and some of them sometimes do some projects for others. It is not common, but it is a growing trend.

I'm pretty sure that if they are available, that they'll get in touch with you directly by private message.

Let me know if you need more specific help, and I'll do my best to assist you in getting someone to do your application.


Paulo Tavares