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I am new to Outsystems. I am using Data Grid Web to generate tables in PDF report in my project.

1. Is there a way to add a group footer instead of a header?  I see there is some customization that can be done with AngularJs in https://www.grapecity.com/forums/wijmo/get-data-for-custom-group- but I am not sure how to do this with the Data Grid component in Outsystems.

2. I am trying to export the data grid to PDF using UltimatePDF:

a. How to make the data grid not overlap with the page header defined in Ultimate PDF?

b. How to make the data grid show column header in new page (and below page header) whenever the grid is shown across new pages?

Hello Ricky,

1.Can you please let us understand better wat do you mean about a group footer, the link is a forum thread and I can't understand exactly what you are looking for, so it would be helpful if you could provide more information or even an example (can be made in MS Paint).

2.a Can you show, maybe a print-screen of what you are referring, please?

2.b In this case, the grid occupies more that one page of the returned pdf and you want show the header in all pages? How are you using Ultimate PDF, do you supply the URL where a web page renders your grid? 


Bruno Martinho


1. Please refer to below. Now the group header show the aggregate summary (as shown in black box), I would like to show the aggregate summary in the group "footer" instead.

2a. Page 1 (The line starting with Date: is put in header in UltimatePDF)

Page 2 (now showing the grid header, and the grid "image" overlapp with the "Date:" line)

2b.I want to show the grid header in new pages as long as the grid occupy more than 1 page. I am using UltimatePDF by supplying the URL as webpage.


Thanks for the detail that has allowed us to dig a little bit deeper.

1. Currently we couldn't find a simple way to have that summary row when doing a column group in the way the component is built. In order to achieve this we would need to dedicate development time to this feature. Can you please create an idea so this requirement can be analyzed to enter the team's backlog?

2. I've been trying to understand how this could be done, but it really seems that Ultimate PDF is converting a rendered page to PDF, on the Data Grid side there isn't the concept of page breaking so I can't see a way to achieve your requirements. Wijmo has their own PDF renderer so this might be a possibility for you to explore.

Best regards,

Bruno Martinho

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