Movie assignment session date sorting problem in UI or aggrigate filtering.?
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I am getting this issue when I selecting and movie and cinema and date also but its showing me different date session and time can any one please help to sort out this

 I have done all the things like

Session date filter but its not showing me correct the dates are movies up and down.


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Hi Anil,

Please add the OML so people may see what's wrong. From a screen shot alone it's difficult to tell what's wrong.

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Here is my oml file


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In addition to Kilian's reply, If you can't share your OML file, Then at least add some screenshots for aggerate and filter.

Kind Regards

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Here is my oml file please check it


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Hi Anil,

As reported, I also had the same observation. Sorry! I'm was not able to figure out the exact reason for this cause. But my guess is that the built-in conversion function i.e. DateTimeToDate() used in the Aggregate filter section is not doing its work.

As per my understanding, the solution which I would suggest is to define an OnAfterFetch action to the respective aggregate and filter the result-set manually on the basis of SessionDate input parameter value.

Steps to follow

  1. Within the Web block scope, define a list type variable of Date Time type and assign the same local variable to the List Widget
  2. Remove the filter condition i.e. DateTimeToDate(MovieSession.Session) = SessionDate
  3.  Introduce OnAfterFetch action to the Aggregate defined in the web block scope, which is responsible to fetch the available movie sessions 
  4. Within the OnAfterFetch action flow, filter the aggregate result-set with the SessionDate input parameter value using the ListFilter action and assign the filtered list to the List type local variable defined in point 1 

Refer to the attached updated .oml file

Hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


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Hi Anil,

The problem is in the format pattern that you use in the expressions of the lists on your web block.

You use 

FormatDateTime(GetMovieSessionsByMovieId.List.Current.MovieSession.Session, "dd mm yyyy HH:mm:ss")

But, in "dd mm yyy", mm is minutes, not month. Month is M. Instead, you should try to use:

FormatDateTime(GetMovieSessionsByMovieId.List.Current.MovieSession.Session, "dd MM yyyy HH:mm:ss")

I hope it helps.

Best regards.