Database Text Field Character Limit

Received this error when trying to compile an oml after setting the 'Length' of an entity attribute to 4000.  This is equal to the number of characters allowed in an Oracle field.

Database Upgrade Error Field 'OSUSR_4ko_MoreInfo.COMMENTS' exists in database as Text. Cannot be changed to Text, if length is greater than 2000.

Any one know why I recieved this error?
Hi Scott,

That would sound like a bug while upgrading the length of the attribute. If possible, submit it to our support department directly through Service Studio, for it to be fixed.

In the actual database, what is the length of the field? I would suggest trying to upgrade it manually, to see if the error goes away, but it's probably safer for you to leave it as it is for now. If it's stopping your development, stick it to 2000 for now, since it appears to be the upper limit. I guess it may be using a CHAR or NCHAR data type in the database.


Paulo Tavares