Weekly Calendar Display on Native Mobile App
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Hi Community,

Need some help in getting a weekly calendar displayed on a mobile app.


1) Able to switch between weeks of a month with arrow keys

2) Display the week dates on header

3) Able to toggle and display the 7 dates when user switch the week with the arrow key

4) App able to pinpoint and highlight current date

App display UI:  

Currently I did this in months: 

Hi Alvin,

I hope you are well. 

The date picker used by OutSystems UI is based on the Pickaday JS widget. The capabilities of the standard OutSystems date picker widget has therefore mostly the same features as what can be found on the readme page of the git repository for the Pickaday JS widget, https://github.com/Pikaday/Pikaday/blob/master/README.md

I had a quick run through the document and it does not seem to be possible to change the switch from months to weeks (but definitely confirm this for your self). There are other configuration options which might be useful to you such as showing weekdays. 

These additional options can be added to the widget using the Advanced Format option in the widget: 

There is a nice description of what is expected in this input in OutSystems:

If the required options are not available in this widget, then you might have to create your own JS widget (or use another library). I am no expert on that so I won't attempt to give you any advice there :) 

I hope this information helps!



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Pickaday JS used by the DatePicket OutSystemsUI widget, does not support the pattern requested by Alvin.