Capture search text from Dropdown Search

I am using a dropdown search to show a list of records (the search needs to be there as a requirement). However, the table has 7000+ records and I don't want to load all of them at the same time. How can I capture the value the user types into the search box to, for example, assign it to a variable and filter the database to only the results matching what is being typed?

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Hi Jean Lelis,

The DropdownSearch widget from OutSystemsUI filters the list with Javascript so your whole list needs to be uploaded first which generates performance issues when the search list has many records like the one your having.

Being that said and to overcome this performance shortcomings, you can either build your own Lazy Dropdown Search with an input and a table refresh hooked on the OnChange of the input or you can use a forge component like the LazyDropdownSearch.