"Go Back" on Google Chrome
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I am building an app with login system and everything is secure in login but I was testing and I noticed if I log out and then I click to go back on google chrome it goes back to my app (without login). Is there a way to dont do this? 

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Hi Gonçalo,

Indeed the default behavior when pressing browser back button is to the browser re-render the previous page.

If you indeed want to force the Preparation action to run and protect this back button behavior, you can take a look at the Browser's Back Button Protection forge component that allows you to do that.


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And how do I instal that on my app?

I was watching this video but I think it is to old

Hi Goncalo,

Please find below screenshots for sample:

Hope this helps,

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Hi Goncalo,

Install the forge is very simple. Click "OPEN IN DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT" button on the screen attached.

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