Need to implement the removal of record

Inventory is the entity which has ID and CellLineID (where  ID  is inventory  ID and CellLineID is  CellLine Entity ) and other columns with LOT,NumberofVials,Box,Rack  etc...

1. Here the condition i want to be as -record should be deleted based on the  Box column .

Example :  

Inventory ID  CellLine.ID  Inventory.location             Inventory.Rack

1                       abc                             4                                                 loc4

1                       abc                              3                                                loc3

If i delete the  location 4 ,only  record needs to be deleted for loc4 but not to be deleted from the  loc3 .(BAsically each InventoryId has multiple locations ,if we delete one  location ,the Inventory ID need to be deleted for that particulat  location)

is it  possible can we delete based on the  location. 

I am very new to  outsystem platform,please guide me further to proceed


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Hi Swethasree Sreemanthula

I think you already asked same question in the early post below.


Anyway, Judged by screenshot you attached, I don't think you can have duplicated Inventory ID records in Entity Inventory. So, I don't understand what is the issue.

Please provide more detailed information, Share the oml file maybe the base way .

Kind Regards,

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Hi Swethasree Sreemanthula,

Looking at your Inventory entity definition, the example you describe above seems to be missing several things:

  • The Inventory.Id is the identifier attribute for Inventory, and as such it is unique, so there cannot be two Inventory records with the same value for Id.
  • There is no Inventory.Location attribute in your Inventory definition
  • There is no visible relation between your Inventory.Rack attribute and the (undefined) Inventory.Location attribute

I get the feeling you need to work a bit more on your data model so it correctly reflects your needs - or maybe I just need you to clarify it better so I can understand it :-)

If you want something like "each InventoryId has multiple locations" with your current data model, then you'll need:

  1. An extra column to represent this, the identifier attribute isn't an option (think, for instance, adding Inventory.Number, completely independent from Inventory.Id).
  2. To create a query for Inventory records with a certain Inventory.Number value and at a certain location (not sure what's your way of currently representing this)
  3. Delete each one of them using the DeleteInventory entity action passing it the record's Inventory.Id

This should allow you to delete multiple records with the same Inventory.Number that are at the same location, without impact other records with the same Inventory.Number but at other locations...

Edit: Please don't duplicate questions, and follow up with the answers provided or mark one as a solution if it helped you solve your issue. If you still cannot solve your problem, you need to better explain to us what are your roadblocks, eventually even provide a sample OML that can show  so we can address that.

Hope this helps!