How to grant a role in your app?
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Hey! Basically, I am trying to create new users in my app and I can create them but it always sets the role to "Admin" and I don´t want that. How can I change that? And after that, if I want to delete the user, I cant delete it, I dont know why

In the picture I show how I creat a user


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Hi Goncalo,

Are you creating User from User application or from custom application?

Do you have the user roles created in your application? If not you can see below documentation:


Thanks :)

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Hey! I saw that. My problem is that I create a user and no matter If I change the role in Cimbi Box, it sets me the role as admin. And, after that, I cant delete the user
And I am using the User from outsystems

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Could you please share a sample OML so that I can look into it?

Hi Goncalo,

Normally the issue here is the bonded local variable to the combobox/dropdown not properly referenced/used during the saving process.

Hope this helps.

Thank you and kind regards,


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HI Gonçalo 

Please provide more detailed information, Such as the screenshot of the action you create user,
and what parameter you passed.

Kind Regards

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Hi Goncalo,

Check below post for granting role and deleting end-user from the application.



Also debug and check the value you are getting from role combo box, probably you are getting the value that is specific to admin role and your code is redirecting it to grantAdminrole().

Hope it helps..