Prompt a confirmation on submitting repeated record name
Service Studio Version
11.10.8 (Build 37958)


Is there any way that, after submitting a form and before saving the data, the application run an aggregate to check if there is a record already with that name and, if there is at least one record, the user is prompted/warned that "there's a record with that name" and asks for confirmation to proceed with the data saving or to cancel?

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My first reply was deleted because i did not read your question correctly:

Do you want this for a reactive or a traditional ui?

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I want to make this in traditional web

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I thought so.

You need something like a messagebox, but unfortunately this is not available.

I usually create a modal form for this, a hidden button and use the widget_click. Its not pretty, but it does the job.

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Hi João,

Usually a modal is the best way to achieve these kind of behaviors and it looks way better than the browser confirmation message.

This is a screenshot of a simple confirmation message for this scenario:



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Hi João, 

You can use modal or popup to achieve this.

Popup more like MessageBox and can reuse by other screens,

Deremit is popup is a new screen, So it counts as AO.

Kind Regards