How do i show total of vote for the same label when a user votes
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1-How do i show total of vote for the same label when a user votes and hide option for vote.

 using cookie 

2-how do i show total vote for this label when public user voting before that.

as at like attachment OML


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Hi andrew

You can use the group by and sum method for aggerate.

Image attached.

For more information please refer to URL below.


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Hello Andrew,

Good morning!

For Question No. 2, when you say public, does it mean not a registered User that will render a vote?

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for clarifying, my perspective is that you need somewhat a token alike approach. But before that, you still must have a point of reference to that User (i.e. email address or others that you think more related to your requirement) were in you will have to send a link for them to be able to proceed with the voting.

1. Create an entity to store the following:

         a. Generated token (maybe use GUID)

         b. Email

         c. Datetime created

         d. Status

2. Send a url (together with the token in the url)

3. Set an input parameter to the webscreen to handle the token based from the url

4. In the preparation, validate the authenticity of the token.

That's what I can think of. You can also wait for other community members for suggestions.

Hope this helps,

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