Need guidance on best templates, samples, or ideas related to building 3 app types
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Hello Community,

I have a few apps that I will be using OutSystems to build and would like guidance to the best templates, samples, or ideas related to these types of apps. Been paralyzed about moving from more conventional coding methods but I feel some input will motivate me to dive into what I feel convinced is a winning LCAP environment. Thank you so much for any help! [Remember, not asking for everything, just anything to avoid reinventing wheel if possible and OutSystems paths to pursue from architect and developer perspective for “right-now“ trial-and-error for any numbered item you wish to respond to! Not in-depth training and cert help since already have plans for that, but open to how-to articles or lessons/videos related to 3 items here.]

  1. A simple family finance budgeting app. (Personal and in-house to start and get my feet wet)
  2. An old PC-based app that I own which was written in original Visual Basic with an Access database! (I want to redo as a reactive web app and eventually market it to law community)
  3. An API or UI (not sure how to approach) that allows reading of a CSV exported from one source to be retrieved, fields manipulated or added or removed, and then exported as a new CSV compatible for import into a new destination. (This would fill a need for my church for starters but may want to build a Zapier or other compatible API if outcome is reasonable)

Help on these three would set stage for several other projects and I could then ask more exciting and intriguing questions or offer some learned feedback to community going forward!

Hello Jon,

Good morning!

I've been a Visual Basic 6 developer for quite sometime and then transitioned to an Outsystems Developer. All of your concern are well handled in Outsystems.

These are my thoughts, I'm no expert but I have a huge admiration to the platform:

Question no. 1, The platform (outsystems) provide sample applications within Service Studio, you just need to install, literally there is a "Install Application" within the IDE and then you can choose a sample application. 



Outsystems provide as well a Sample Data via Forge website (this will be as a forge component, some sort of a producer component) which again you need to install were in you can play around with.


Then aside from those, there are also a lot of sample applications that have been shared by other community members via Forge site.



Question no. 2, Outsystems platform by setup has a default database (depending on the dbms you will be using). You create a new data model within your platform based on the structure of your ms access db or further customized. Then there are certain ways to import/bootstrap it:

1. Via excel


2. Via creating an Extension (component) to connect to a third party database. Then you create a Server action logic within your application to extract data from your ms access database and save it to your outsystems database.


Question No. 3, Outsystems has an out of the box components that will help you manipulate excel data. Aside from that, there are shared components in the Forge site in line with customization of Excel/CSV and a like. I think it's better if you run through with the forge site to check the other components there that will suffice your requirements. You check as well if the component supports Traditional or Reactive web app only.



Then aside from those, Outsystems has a very supportive community. There are lots of Champions, MVPs and other experienced community members that will surely assist/support you here in.

I'm not sure if you are going to use Personal or Enterprise environment but hope this helps,

Thank you and kind regards,


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Thanks so much, Chris! This is great info. I will go through your links and suggestions and get started!

I'm leaving the question open for a short while in case there are other responses and then close it.