Unable to login to users app after changing authentication in user app to Azure AD

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We have a requirement for azure ad integration. So tried to setup followed the steps mentioned in this document (https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Secure_the_Application/End_User_Management/End_Users_Authentication/Configure_Azure_AD_Authentication?utm_source=ost-outsystems+tools&utm_medium=ost-users&utm_campaign=ost-docrouter&utm_content=ost-helpid-30209&utm_term=ost-contextualhelp). 

But now when I try to login to user app using this link https://<server name>/Users/  and it redirects to Azure AD login screen. When the user is authenticated it redirects to "https://<server name>/Users/SSO.aspx" and error is shown as below -

Now we are unable to login to users app using the admin login. 

There is any way to reset the authentication setting from the database or any other way???

Hi Mayukh,

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I remember I had a similar issue before, I got it working by adjusting one of the below:

 It's a good start off to check. 

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Hi Christopher,

I will try this once.

Also, wanted to know that is there any way to sync the Azure AD Users and groups to Outsystems without the user login for the first time?


Hi Mayukh,

Apologies, but I have no project that required sync all users at once but kindly allow me to share the below post.

Importing Users, groups, roles from Active Directory | OutSystems 

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