OnNotify variables update failed
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.7 (Build 37468)

I'm experiencing a problem that I haven't found answers yet. I'm in version 11 Traditional Web. I have a form that calls a popup_upload, in return I try to update with assign a form variable with the content of the upload inside the OnNotify action so that when I click the save button, I update the database, but I realized that the Changed variables within OnNotify do not update, that is, they stay with the original values and I can't play the upload return to save later. Why can't variables be updated within OnNotify?


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Is it possible to share your oml? It would be easier to help you

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Sorry, I don't understand your issue.

Please provide more detailed information, or if possible share the oml file.

Kind Regards

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You may need to refactor that part of the code. Make the functionality in the pop up and OnNotify just take the information ...

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The question is not Popup_Upload, but OnNotify.

I will explain it in another way. I have a screen with a TEMP variable and a link to a popup. I open the popup and when I close it I run OnNotify which updates the TEMP variable, but it keeps the original value, that is, I can't change it.

Step 1: Variable TEMP = "TEST"

Step 2: Open Popup (here no matter what happens)

Step 3: Close Popup

Step 4: OnNotify runs

Step 5: Assign TEMP = "TEST_1"

Step 6: Click OK button

Step 7: TEMP display "TEST"

TEMP contains value "TEST" and should contain TEST_1

Why Assign TEMP = "TEST_1" didn't change the variable's value within OnNotify?

On the other hand, if I change the TEMP value within Action "OK" the value remains, it does not work when OnNotify is run when closing the popup.

If necessary I create an application to send to you


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I created an application similar, see the .OML in attachment.

to solve the problem I used this notify:



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Agno, thanks for the reply, but now that I was creating an oml to send, I found the same as you for a normal popup, because I thought this was the case for any popup. But it only occurs for popup_upload, when it is closed and calls OnNotify, the update does not occur. See the oml I sent.

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Without looking at the code itself, what I think that can be resulting in that behaviour is that your "OK" Button is defined to "Submit", reseting the page when clicked and reseting the variable "temp" to the default value.

If this is the case, you should change the Button to "Ajax Submit" and use and "Ajax Refresh" inside the "Ok" Action to refresh the "test" variable on your screen.

If you have any question feel free to ask.

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Hey Clayton

In your onnotify action you also need to refresh the widget where your variable is put in probably a container with an ajax refresh. if you don't see it just enclose the "test" value in a container and give that container a name.



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Sorry, this example was not happy, I don't have the variable on the screen, because in fact I need to save the binary file that I upload in the popup_upload (via Popup_Upload_GetFile) in OnNotify that is unable to assign the binary content to the variable.

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Follow the oml

Yes, the problem does not occur with a normal popup, only when it returns from the popup_upload where the variables are not updated. Check on OnNotify and then on the action "Ok"


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After enclose in container:

and refresh widget:

the value was in agreement.

oml in attachment.



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Yes, this way it works, I did it, but the problem is with the popup_upload with the form variable. The example I sent was not good, I redid and sent the oml

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Hi Clayton, 

I think I got it. The problem is that, when you click on the Ok button, the value of temp should be TEST_1, but, instead, it is TEST again. 

The problem is that you want to hold a screen value among requests and, for this, you need to use a session variable and not a screen variable. The server doesn't hold a copy of the page waiting for the next request. It creates a new one for every request. That's why the value "returns" for the default value.

Hope it helps.

Hi Clayton,

The Popup_Upload_GetFile is used in conjunction with the Richwidget Popupload as shown below

You have to bind it with the Popup_Editor widget as shown below:

Then you will be able to get the binary file.

Hope this helps,

Thank you and kind regards,