Excel data connection

Excel data connection

Is there a way to build a Excel data connection? So Excel can receive the data from the espace application.

I import a excel file to espace. (similar like tutorial 1: Build application in 5 mins)
The records can be add/update/delete on the espace.
Now I am planning to give user a Excel data connection to espace. So the user can pull the data down from the espace.

What is different from existing export data function from espace?
User just needs to formatting its excel interface and data connection once, and then have updaded records every time the excel file is opened.

Excel version: 2007 or above
I've been thinking for a while on this same subject. 

I think it is not that simple.

A cool solution would be an excel-plugin that connects to the platform-server to suck out the required data, but as I understand you need to build a different version of an excel plugin for every version of excel. Now if excel would support generic webservices that would help a lot.

A not so nice option we have used is use excel to pull data from so-called webqueries. In that case excel parses a web-screen with a simpe (table)-layout and imports the data. However, logging in, sessions and security are a bit harder to manage.

So, if anyone has a good solution (or has built a plugin that connects to the platform, or generic webservices), please let us know!