Good morning, I have several domains registered and usualy with visual studio what I do to have each entry, for the application, separated I create a new web site under the root of IIS, select the folder of my application and on the web site configuration on IIS I bind it directly with the domain, like But for the Outsystems applications I dont know how to do this since they are all under the Default Web Site and I cannot separate the bidings to go to a specific Virtual Application. So in the iistart.html I have a simple javascript function that redirects to the specific path depending on the inserted url. This is a week workaround so do I have any way to do this and still keep all my applications under the default web site where Outsystems is?

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        Joao Ferreira
Hi João,

what is the version of the platform you are working?


I see two ways of supporting your requirement:
  1. Use the SEO features of the Platform if you have that feature available. You can setup root eSpaces for specific URL's
  2. Create new websites in IIS and map the necessary virtual directories inside each website. Upon deployment, the platform will update these virtual directories to point at the latest version of the code. You can then use host headers in the website configuration to provide redirecting capabilities
Let me know if this helps!

I have had some big time problems using different virtual servers. It works at first and up front... and then things go screwy when you update Platform Server.

You've got two real options in my experience:

1. Create a VM for each virtual domain/separate application, and route requests at the firewall/proxy level to the VMs.
2. Put all of the applications in "Default Web Site", then create a virtual host to respond to the different domain names, and have them proxy back to the default Web site using URL rewriting.

I'd be glad to help walk you through either scenario, I've put Agile Platform behind a reverse proxy with success before.

Hope this helps!

Hi to all, sorry I didnt come before to thank your help. My version of the platform is

To Gonçalo: I have SEO features installed, so probably thats the best solution, just redirect URL's. Its basicly the same as creating custom web sites and bidding them to the domains. Thank you very much!

PS: Just as reference, please take a look to the attach file (SEO Features and ISAP Configurations)

João Ferreira