user should able to select time
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Hi Team,

onchange event populating values,I want to populate available times based on selection of food type.

Please let me know how to do that,I have tried sql on action and getting the time but it is giving error as invalid literal value .also please let me know how to bind final multiple record's time values to time dropdown.


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You forgot the from as shown below.

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Hi Ujwwla, 

In addition to Christopher Bautista's reply.

OutSystems prefer to use aggerate than SQL, 

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Hi Tom,

Can you please check attached oml and let me know by using aggregate,I want to populate time slot based on onchage of food type.I have added client variable bound to form to reach aggregate filter,but can not see .


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Hello ujwwala,

I think you can find the desired result in the attached oml, I added some comments in the "GetFoodTimeList" Action so you can understand the code better.




Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for the suggestion of one way But as you said earlier to try aggregates ,I want to try with aggregates as with food type selected it should return time from table.

I have tried but retuening multiple record list as aggregate output how to assign and process further not getting,Can you please check and provide your suggestion.

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Hello Ujwwala,

If you want to try aggregates don't you need an aggregate with times? 

In my eyes what you need to do:

Create a table TimeforFood with the following fields:



Then add the desired times and the right preferredFoodTypeId to that table for example (9.00, breakfast)

After this you can start using this aggregate in your screen, you will need to use a filter in your aggregate so that it only shows the right times. I posted an updated oml below, you just need to add times to this table first to make it useable.


Hi Nick,

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I do not want to add records separately in the table but while booking slot by admin the data should be entered in timefood table so I have craeted flow but it is not updating.after that please let me know how to assign the filtered  records(I  want to add restaurant Id also)  which will be returned by aggregate to map to Time List


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In line with Tom's previous suggestions, are you referring to this:

By the way Ujwwala, may I kindly ask if you were able to complete the Reactive web app developer training?

Becoming a Reactive Web Developer Guided Path - Training | OutSystems 

I've asked since in line with data extraction, there is also called Fetch Data at the Client side.

There is also called Data action at the Client side as well were in you could use server actions to extract data from DB.

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Hi Chris,

Yes I have gone through the training Will practice more.