Video Tag Mobile - Poster

If we have the video tag on a mobile it will always display with the following image: 

I know video tag has an attribute "poster" which we can set to change this image, however the problem I am facing is that the video tag is appended to the page by a third party library, so I don't control it. 

Do you know of any other way to change this poster image without actually using the poster attribute.

Also remove it completely would suffice in this case.

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Hello Pedro, 

I don't understand very well what you want to achieve. 

But why not use the poster attribute but with a standard image that you can add in your resources?

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As I said Video Tag is being added to the dom by a third party js library I don't control, so I can't set the poster attribute myself.

I could through JS add the attribute to every video tag on the page, however this would still render it first with poster unset, and would still show that default video poster.

I found some other people with same problem, however this would have to be done somewhere in Cordova plugin I think :