My Combo Box is not working well
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Hey! I am building an app and I createad a combo box to select some atttributes from my entity. I have that in 2 parts of my app. One of them is working and the other is not working. I copy pasted and it still did not work
Please Help. I will let a print here



HI Rio

I hope you are doing well.

Is the GetTastStateList aggerate same with the working part?

Can you share the oml file? 

Kind Regards,

Hi Rio,

Can you please share your oml.  ?

Do your entity has some value?


Did you create the same aggregates in the second part?

Dont forget: comboboxes has to have 2 main parts:

1. The data source. Where you get the info to list. In general are aggregates.

2. The data destiny. Where you will store the selected info. In general is a field inside a form, most of times Identifiers. 

If your getting problem with the list (no show) , probably the problem is in the first step. Aggregates. OR... properties from the combo as well. 

Try to review all of this, maybe you can find the problem. Good luck.

Hope to help you. Rgrds, Rodnei.

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