[Input Mask Reactive] Currency prefix is a variable
Forge component by Steven Decock
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I the app we are working with the currency symbol comes from the table record in the form.  When we add the variable as the currency prefix it is not rendered. If we use a static value ie enter "$" as the parameter then we have no issues.



This is because the input mask gets initialized in the OnReady of the InputMask component.  If later on any of the input data changes, this no longer has an effect on the mask.

I fixed this in version 1.0.4 of the component.  If the currency symbol is coming from a table record (Aggregate or Data Action), it will now refresh the mask, by using OnParametersChanged.

The demo also showcases this now (see the bottom of the demo page, where there now is a button to change the currency symbol after the page has already loaded).

That should solve your problem.

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