[OutSystems UI Web] Section index not working if section title placeholder contains dot
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Published on 22 Feb 2021
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Traditional Web


widget "section index" is not working if text in title placeholder of section contains a dot.

Seems that this case results in an invalid jquery selector:

Is it a known bug? Can you provide a fix for it?

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It looks like a bug.

The JQuery ID selectors do not support some special characters. (https://api.jquery.com/category/selectors/)

To work, it should be added a replace:

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Hi, Magnus,

I didn't try it here, but I suggest you try the function EncodeHTML() from HTMLRenderer on the text. 

Hope it helps.

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Hi Kadu,

thanks for the idea, I tried it with build in function "EncodeHTML()", but since a dot will not be encoded it does not work.

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