[IdP] IdP (OKTA) working in WEB and Android but not in iOS
Forge component by Rui Barbosa
Published on 25 Feb 2021
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive

Hello guys, how are you? I've an issue here and hopefully you can help me. We are trying to use IdP and IdP Mobile to achieve Okta authentication. This authentication is already in use in our reactive web version but we want it also in mobile.

By now, it is working successfully in Android, however in iOS i'm always able to login but then i'm redirect to the IdP page with the message Unable to process request. Also, i saw that the error log that i have in SC is:

Invalid request: no SAML message found.

I've tried to debug to understand what was the difference. Things that i noticed (inside the action: GetSAMLRawDataFromCurrentRequest).

1) The IsGet if condition is returning true for iOS and false for web and android. Why GET for iOS and POST for the others?

2) Even if GET is the correct branch, when i go into the GetRawURL action it is only retrieving me something like /IdP/SSO.aspx . This is not enough because the other fields that are treated after the GetRawURL action are trying to search things like SAMLRequest, SAMLResponse, etc.

What can i possibly be doing wrong that makes this work in web and android but not in iOS?