[Reactive Multiple File Upload] How to use this component (newbie here)?
Forge component by José Pedro Proença
Published on 16 Jun 2020
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Hello guys

I'm new to OutSystems so I ask for your patience. I want to use this component in one of my applications but as I'm using an external Oracle DB, I already have an entity in which to insert the files, so I'm kind of lost on how I could do this.

Is there any documentation regarding this component I could read to help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance.


Hi JM,

Welcome to the OutSystems community! 

I assume the application you are developing is a Reactive Web application? 

The demo is a really great way to see how the widget should be implemented. 

In the demo, you will notice that the Reactive Multiple File Upload Widget is implemented onto the screen as a web block. When the user interacts with the widget and add in a new (or edits / deletes) file, the widget triggers an event notifying the parent (i.e. the screen) that the it's (the widgets) data has changed, and it passes the new data up to the parent. 

In this screen shot you can see which screen action handles the event's triggered from the widget.

The widget has it's own entity structure which stores the meta and binary data for all the uploaded files:

The FileId parameter passed up from the event is the identifier for the respective file and can be used to fetch the required binary data.

The demo takes this FileId and stores it against session id in the UploadedUserFile entity. 

In your case, you could use the FileId to fetch the file meta and binary data and write it directly into your Oracle DB. 

I hope this helps. 



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Thank you Nicholas

I'll take another look at the demo.