[Trigger Pipeline] Azure DevOps Pipeline Database Schema Selection.
Forge component by Rui Mendes
Published on 22 Dec 2020

Hi there, I have a Pipeline assembled using Azure Devops. I configured using the Trigger Pipeline and the GitHub tutorial provided by Outsystems. 

Whenever I'm trying to deploy for the first time from DEV to QA for example, because we have multiple DB Catalogs, on lifetime it will always ask what catalog do we want to publish. And the selection is then made inside Service Center of each environment.

What happens is that if we trigger deploy to use the pipeline, after the plan created, it automatically aborts because there it does not know where to publish. 

My question is, is the LifeTime API ready do cope with his selection?  

Also, lifetime when validating apps, checks if new applications have to be added to the deployment plan, is it possible to do this also on a Pipeline ?