Export to Excel with 1 is to many relationship tables
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Hello guys,

Here is the scenario:

I have to tables with 1 to many relationship, 2nd table contains the unique fields for table 1 which is generating automatic fields in the form.

Example tables

Table 1(schema)

Id      Name     Phone     

Table 2(schema)

Id      table1Id      Label      Value

I want to export the 2 tables in one excel sheet but the thing is, I have to make the label of 2nd table as column name and value in one row as well based on the table1Id.

The export should be like this.

Id    Name    Phone        LabelRow1     LabelRow2      LabelRow3

1      Test       0000000     ValueRow1     ValueRow2     ValueRow3

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Hi Esrom

Unfortunately, AFAIK it not possible to export dynamic records such as this one.

Hope some others can help.

Kind Regards

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Thanks, Tom.

Hi Esrom,

one to many relationshaip between entity 1 and entity 2 .

I have attached oml for this . 

please let me know if it's work for you.