How can I  implement Save Action in each year and month to show respective data
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Hello Software Engineers,

I'm trying to show  related data each year  and month ,how can I  implement? I'll attach my oml and Can I receive check. 

I'm doing only two web screens in which  SaleDiffTableRecord and DirectSaleSubFormat.If I  click Yana from DirectSaleFormat, want to show above table current Year and Month. And then want to  save desire year and month respectively i.e.I want to enter the desired data according to each year and month and save it. When I search for the desired year and month next time, want to display respective each data.  Please help me.



Hi , 

you have to put one filter in your aggregate as Year(CurrDate) and  Month(CurrDate) to retrieve current

 year and month data. 

Hope this helps.


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Please elaborate on your problem in a little more detail. 

What's the mean about  "save desire year and month respectively ".

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