"Generic" Close Human Activity Action
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Good morning all,

Is there a way to close a human activity without having to use the Close<ActivityName> action?

I may be facing a situation where I need to close an HA "on demand" but I don't know what the actual HA is, all I have is the ActivityID (yes I can get the HA detail from the BPT tables, but that still leaves me to choose the correct Close activity).

I appreciate this sounds like an odd question, but they happen from time to time!

Thanks In Advance


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Hi Martin,

To close  explicitly / on-demand an activity, you can use the ActivityClose action from System.

It will trigger the OnClose event of the current activity of your process. You just need the current ActivityId which you already have, according to your comment.

Using this, you don't need to know which human activity you will be closing, it will close the one according to your input.


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Hi Martin

In addition to João's reply. I recommend you take the  Master Class on Modeling Business Processes (BPT) course.

Especially this lesson is exactly about how to control a process.

Kind Regards,

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Thanks João - that was what I was looking for.  I stupidly was looking in the wrong module for it.  I was sure the action existed as I had seen it in the training, but its been a while since I did BPT.