New look and feel for online training

Hi Everyone,

Have you noticed the new look & feel of our online training area?

We are doing a visual revamp of the entire Community,  and after the new Forum, the online training area is the most recent update. The new site features:

On our Courses page, you’ll notice that the course lessons and transcripts are now displayed side-by-side with the video, and...they are now interactive! As you watch the video, the transcript scrolls in sync with the video. 

Along with the redesign, we’ve improved page performance in each new section by drastically reducing the size of our CSS files.

We’ll continue improving your online experience throughout the year. You’ll see short surveys throughout the year to get feedback, so we can continue to make improvements.

Hope you like it!

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know!


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Hi Team

Great job! Cheers.

Kind Regards

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Really nice visually, excellent.

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It's really nice change. Thanks for this update!!

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Good job, especially on Guided Paths!

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Vey useful feature! Cheers.

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excellent, happy learning.

Good News. Great Job. Cheers

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I really loved this new UI. The best one is having 'Download Certificate' option available for the already certified levels.

The UI is more user friendly now :)

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I fully agree! The look was much more friendly!

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Thanks for sharing, loving it .