[Ciphered Local Storage Plugin] Component improvement - remove need to uninstall app before update to ciphered app
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Since asking your end-users to uninstall an application before installing a new version might be too cumbersome, I propose that this component is fixed so that the update to a ciphered app happens as smoothly as possible.

I've forked your repo and did a small change in the window.sqlitePlugin.openDatabase function:

  • When the return originalOpenDatabase.call ends in an error, the error callback function is responsible for deleting the current local database and recalling the sqlitePlugin.openDatabase method.

I've already tested and the app update happens smoothly, without any errors of any kind.

If you're interested. please check my fork here.



Hi David, so we will not be using the Ciphered Local Storage Plugin instead we will add this link 

 https://github.com/DavidSousa/cordova-outsystems-secure-sqlite-bundle in Extensibility Configurations?


Hi Joseph,

This is just an update request to the team of this component, I think you should keep using the original github repo since I won't be maintaining my repo in the future for other updates.

If you really need this improvement I think it's better to fork it to your own repository and do the changes there.


Hello David,

How can we get the Database Name? I ask this because to use this function:

Hi all,

Any chance OutSystems will consider this for a future release?

Best regards,

Ricardo Pedroso

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