[Google Maps Library] Map not honoring bounds second time
Forge component by Labs
Published on 26 Feb 2020
Application Type

I have noticed some behavior in this component in the most recent update.  It appears that when using the MapMarker list, the map will build a bounding box and center on the box only the FIRST time.  If you leave that page and go back into it, the map will then center on 0,0 off the coast of Africa.

I have built a simple application to illustrate this behavior. You can reach it as a PWA on a mobile device at https://neyman.outsystemscloud.com/TestMaps/Home.  It also fails to work properly if compiled into a native app. To reproduce:

  1. Go to the menu and to the Data tab
  2. Click "Generate" to generate some data points
  3. Go back to the map from the menu.  The data points should be displayed in New York, and the map should center on those points
  4. Click the menu again and select the map screen again. The data points will generate properly but the map will no longer center on them.

Is this a bug or expected behavior? I have attached the application if you would like to see the code.