Extract data with Talend from Outsystems dynamics tables

In our company we are using talend as a BI tool and obtain reports from our OS applications. Talend is directly connected to the OS database: SQL SERVER. 

Our applications are constantly evolving, so it is very common to have new versions of tables every so often, so the work with Talend is not being optimal. Is there a way to solve this?

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What exactly do you want to have solved?

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The fact that every time we do an evolution (and it is constant) the physical tables of Outsystem change and therefore the data of Talend is no longer updated. We have to constantly review the PRO tables by hand to communicate the correct tables to the BI department. It's all too manual.

I understand that we will not be the first to encounter this problem

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Hi Cris,

Not sure what you mean by "evolution". The physical table names do not change unless you rename the Module they're defined in and deploy on a new, empty environment.

Also, there's no need to "review the tables by hand". There's a System Entity, called Entity, that contains the mapping between the logical and physical names.