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Hi All, 

Traditional Web App

Hope you are all well. I have a ComboBox which contains a list of Serial numbers (Lots) I need the user to be able to reduce this list with a filter or ideally By typing the first few digits of the serial number they are searching for.

Now heres the issue - The combo box is not populated VIA an aggregate. it is populated using an SQL statement instead. I don't think I can use an input_Autocomplete box. I know I cant use an input filter the way you would if you were filtering through an aggregate. 

The combo box needs to remain populated with SQL as there are essential pre-conditions in place. 

I can add a separate input box to my page to allow the User to type in the serial number and then perhaps add a button that runs my SQL where I can add another where clause for it to look for a match but this is not really an ideal way of doing it. I feel like there is a better/more user friendly way of doing it

I am open to all suggestions. If you need more info please ask. 

I am also just a learner.

Thank you


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Maybe Dropdown Select UI Pattern is your solution

Please refer to this official document.

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Looks good at a quick glance. I will have a read through and hopefully it will be the answer I need. 

Thank you.

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ok, it works on initial screen load but, When I enter the Date Rage for which I want to book the Serial number it removes the drop down select option for some reason. (I have an OnClick event on the date inputs for it to refresh the SQL and the Combo Box to only display ones that are not booked out during the chosen Date Range) 

Below is the initial Load (Testing on the Monitor selection only) As you can see, No dates are input and the Combo select is there, indicated by the Downward arrow on the "Choose Serial number" combo.

As you can see below, as soon as I input my required dates the DropdownSelect is no longer an option and it goes back to a standard combo box. 

A little Strange



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Fixed the Above - Made some changes to my Refresh instruction.   

It does the job, i'm not sure how I feel about it but it functions as it should which is the main, thing. 

Thank you Tom