Translation documentation could be better
Service Studio Version
11.10.8 (Build 37957)

So, I am doing my first translation and so I am looking at this document: "translating with the translation editor..." (

As a first timer I think the text is missing some subtle but important info.

It states:

Once you open the translation editor, you can:

  • Translate text by entering the translation in the Translation in (language code) column (1).
  • Switch languages for translation by selecting the language code in the heading of the Translation in (language code) column (2).
  • Set text as translatable / non-translatable by selecting one of the options in the Behavior list (3). See ...

So , the option 'Not Defined' is not in the last line, this should be added. Also the other two options should be the literal values from Service Studio : ( eg. Translate and Don't translate ).

Going on with the document it states:

Translatable and non-translatable text

The Behavior column in the translation editor shows what to do with the text in the translation process:

  • Translate. Translatable and it's exported in the translation files.
  • Don't translate. Non-translatable and it isn't exported in the translation files.
  • Not defined. Neither translatable or non-translatable, and it isn't exported in the translation files.

From this text I can't make up what it will do when my application is running. The options 'Don't translate' and 'Not defined' aren't clearly enough explained, imho.

Don't translate: I am guessing that it will just show the value, that I won't translate. ( so (en-US) 'box' will show (nl-NL) 'box' ? )

Not defined: It won't show anything?

Please improve the document or explain to me how this works.


Hi Hans,

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We've passed it on to OutSystems for future improvement.

That said, "Not defined" behaves the same as "Don't translate". The only difference is semantic: "Not defined" is taken to mean "nobody has yet looked at this yet to make a choice whether to translate or not" and "Don't translate" means "somebody consciously decided this text doesn't need to be translated". You should make it a habbit to make sure you don't publish a (final version of) a module with any "Not defined"s in there.

Hello, Hans. Kilian already provided some info. Thanks for the feedback. I'll send you a private message to get more about your workflow -- it will help us improve the document (and maybe the tech preview feature).

For instructions on how to translate the app, there's also our video training:

Hi Romeo,

it seems I filled this under the wrong dev-account. If you want to get back on the workflow, please contact me.

Kind regards,


We updated the Multilingual docs by better explaining what Translate / Don't translate / Not defined means.

It's now more clear that you or translators can use Don't translate to protect text from changing. For example, brand or product names are often not translated and remain in the original. This lets you be confident that even in cases where someone supplies translation for a protected string, the original text always shows.

If the text is Not defined, Service Studio doesn't know what to do with the translation in case you supply it. To be on the safe side, the translations of Not defined are ignored by the app. If this is not what you want, change it to Translate (to show the translation) or Don't show (to always show the source / original).

Thanks for the feedback, Hans!


Hi Romeo,

Thanks for updating the documentation! I found a small typo though: "To protect the text, set the to Don't translate instead." - should be "..., set it to ..." instead of "the".

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