Regex_search returns "Request failed with status 500" error
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Hi All.

I'm building an application using 3 different environments.

In all of them we are using the extension "Regex_Search" version 11.9.1.

In one of them, this extension suddenly starts to show an error when invoked with ou without value: "Request failed with status 500".

Anyone can help with this issue, please?

Many thanks.

Ana Gama

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Hi Ana,

The Error response code 500 is a generic "catch-all" response and indicates the Internal Server Error. Do you have more details or the error trace for us to understand and help?



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Hi Swatantra.

Yes, is a generic is a generic "catch-all" response and indicates the Internal Server Error.

We already made debug and the error happens whem the debug gets in Regex_Search Action.

Strange is that this only happens with 1 environment. In the others 2, regex_search it's ok.

Could it be that happens something about Outsystems.js file?

Thanks in advance.


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And, just to confirm all three environments have same Platform version?

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Yes they have the same version. 

This Regex_Search error was deployed before in the environment and no errors before. Suddenly this error appeared.

Could be the Outsystems.js be corrupted?


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Although, you can always compare the /scripts/OutSystems.js file to be sure. But if by any chance Outsystems.js is corrupted, then I would expect more thing to go wrong not only the Regex_Search.  As a first step, I would prefer to refresh the dependency. 

The TextAPI manual explains to follow below steps to make the element available in your module:

  1. In Service Studio, open the Manage Dependencies window.
  2. Select the Text module in the producer modules list (left side).
  3. Select the elements you want to use in your module (right side).
  4. Press OK.
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Hi Ana Gama

It's really strange behavior. Maybe "Regex_Search"  is not a real reason.

Did you check the error log in the Service Center for more detailed information?

And can you share the debug screenshot?

Kind Regards,