Feedback Message timeout is not being followed

Good Day community, I would like to ask some inputs on this javscript feedback message I am reusing for developing a mobile application.  

The problem is the delay 20000 milliseconds or 20 seconds is not being followed. after just a span of 5-7 seconds it automatically closes. This is by the way stored in a client action. 

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Hello there Leonard,

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Basically, you are adding feedback-message-autoclose class to your message, which has an attribute called animate-duration of 5s. This is the reason why your message closes automatically after 5-7 seconds.

Addicionally, it is important to mention that Info and Success messages have this extra class by default, while Warning and Error messages don't.

Nevertheless, please consider to use this component: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/9691/feedback-message-utils-reactive

It has already that logic implemented considering both cases, so you just need to add it as a dependency to your module :)

I believe that you want to use this client action: 


As an example (info message with a 20s duration), it would be something like this:

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Rui Barradas

Thank you Rui for the explanation and additional tips on proper handling of feedback messages.