Two panel selector

Can any one suggest me the best way to implement two panel selector design pattern in outystems. I want to create a two panels side by side, one shows list of links and the other shows the contents of what is selected in the other.
I have attached an example of the screen shot of the user interface I am imagining. Few more examples of this pattern are found in the below link.

Hi Satish, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

There are two ways to do so, and they will largely depend on how comfortable you are in dealing with CSS Stylesheets, and whether or not you are worried about the amount of content that is being transferred.

One way to do so is to create a table with two columns. This is the easier way, and probably the one I would recommend you to start. On the left column, you display the list of links, and on the right column, the content. You can choose the desired column widths either in percentage or in a fixed value, so it's easy to do.

If, however, you are comfortable with CSS stylesheets, and are worried about the amount of content you're sending, you can try to use two containers (which equate to DIVs in HTML), and make one have style "float: left", and the other one "float: right". This approach is trickier, and while it does send less content through the network, I'm not sure it's worth the trouble for you.

After deciding which of these layouts you'd rather use, then I would use a Table Records widget - or a List Records widget - to display the menu on the left, and then disply the content in the right column. It's possible you would like to use an iframe for the content in the right column, as well, depending on what you want to do.

Does this help?


Paulo Tavares