Why star(asterisk) icon is cleared when making changes while publishing the module?

Noticed a bug when publishing a module in Service Studio:
when I started publishing a module, I kept on adding new changes and asterisk icon was cleared.
I thought my changes somehow got into the publishing version. However, after opening that published version I could see that changes weren't there. Seems like a bug for me...

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Yes, also often encounter this.

Because when you publishing, the code is uploaded to your environment then compiled and doing Outsystems stuff.

But if you changed the code while doing this, the asterisk will shown but after the publish done, the asterisk is gone and even the 1-click publish is changed to blue button test application.

The safest thing is wait for publishing completed then you can doing changes :D

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Thanks, but time works against us! while waiting, a new version of platform is introduced :)