Mobile Date picker - how to return the current month and year being displayed
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Does anybody knows how to get the current month and date being displayed by the date picker? Currently, I am using the date picker to display the events of a specific month. However, when I changed the month, the date picker is not returning what is the current month being displayed for me to be able to limit the events that I will get in the database.

Thank you.

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Hi Ma. Joy Aropon,

How are you getting those values?

I have create a sample here using the DatePickerOnSelect event and it works fine to me.


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Hi Ma. Joy Aropon

I'm not sure I understand your question correctly.

When you change the month, it will trigger the OnChage event of input that links to the DatePicker.

 In OnChange you can know what date selected currentlly.

Kind Regards

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Hi, this is what I am trying to achieve. I am using the date picker to show what specific dates the user has a record. 

For example in the image below, the user has an activity on Nov 23,24,25,26 and 28. I am getting the activity from the database and display them just like the image below. Now for example, I clicked the next month link, I wanted to get the data for December only, however the date picker does not return that the next month is December so I do not have any basis on what date range I will use to get the activities from the database. Thank you.

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Hi Ma. Joy Aropon

I understand the issue now.

Unfortunately, I think it's not possible, Because the month already changed, You can't set the Event List attribute after the month change. 

Hope someone has a better solution.

Kind Regards